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"It (Do You Remember?) is a masterful body of work, destined to be enjoyed by both the most discerning of music lovers and those who just can’t get enough of a good groove!" bebopspokenhere
"From beginning to end, this album (Do You Remember?) is a raucous, joyful explosion. The influences are loud and clear, some being, Deodato, Wonder & Hancock a holy triumvirate right there!...This guy is biting at the heels of Kamaal Williams, young Mr Wu needs to watch out and fast!" blues&soulmagazine
"On the Synthonic project, Garrett writes, records, produces and performs everything himself (bar some guest appearances on two of the tracks), which clearly demonstrates his undeniable prowess as a highly gifted musician at the top of his game"
"Synthonic is a multifaceted inspirational artist that can write, record and produce on his own" audibleaddixion
"Modern, interesting and even something for an EDM festival dancefloor"youredm
"Synthonic does it so well that you really cannot deny that this is an excellent jazz EP"
"It was great to include the track 'Divergence' on my networked radio show. A real funky tune that deserved to have some exposure on my funk and soul show, as heard in 22 countries."
Clive Brady - Funk & Soul radio show - March 2019
"Pure creativity, beautiful blends and something totally its own"gigsoupmusic
"A technicolor cornucopia of sounds that will infallibly warm the soul and get you striding down the street with gusto...played with a jazz master's touch, floated over funky ass beats"musicnews
"Sweet electronic sounds meet the smoothness of jazz and the groovy sounds of funk"
"Sly, grooving, super cool modern jazz...Synthonic’s Sunshine is smashing good groovy fun"shortandsweetla
“Head Banging incorporates suave funk bass lines alongside vibrant synth stabs...this new project from Garrett shows ample potential"obscuresound
"Largely funk, this innovative all-synth album is a great intro into the experimenta, jazzy world of Synthonic"ellenwood-ep
"A delightful blend of progressive synth-pop and future funk...'Head Banging' is the type of tune that will definitely conjure fans and admirers for the London based artist"
"Synthonic is a new project that declares a creatively restless mind in all the best ways...if you’re into musical innovation, you won’t want to miss London’s Synthonic"
"Depth-fueled synth explosions with throbbing hi-hat hits in syncopation with the ferocity of the breakbeat" thewordisbond
"His style of music is completely unique. The funky, upbeat textures of “Sunshine” are soothing to the ears, yet make you want to jam out to its symphony"audibleaddixion
"Elements of Reggae, Funk and Groove which showcases the virtuosity in which Synthonic approaches his creative process...creates the feeling of being immersed under a breezy sky in the midst of summertime"

© 2018 Synthonic.

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